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  • Quality - Made In Germany
  • World Wide Shipment
  • Unique Technology
  • PayPal Buyer Protection

Designed for your RV or Boat: The Super Silent Update!

Your vehicle battery is constantly discharged by a variety of appliances, yet their is very little one can do to charge them up again.
You either chose solar cells, which arenĀ“t very much of a help when parked in the shadow, or heavy and noisy gas generators.

With FuelBattery this is all about to change. Introducing our Super Silent Update - specifically designed for RV and boat use.
The FuelBattery remains light and handy, but the noise emission is reduced by another 50% to just 50 - 55 dB(A) in 7m @ 100% power!

Energize Your Travel Plans

Out in the wild with your RV, or in open waters with your boat: That's what freedom is made of. Whatever your plans may be - with FuelBattery your batteries are one thing less to worry about.
Power your lights, fridges, heating fans and more.

With less than 5 kg of weight, including the Super Silent Update, your load capacity is not affected by heavy gas generators anymore. Easy to carry, easy to set-up and without smelly gas fuel the FuelBattery is your perfect companion for future travel plans.

Invisible And Without Loud Noise

FuelBattery is so small it can be placed right under your RV, only the end of your exhaust muffler will be visible. This way its your own vehicle that reduces noise emissions far below what you expect from any conventional gas generator.

Our highly sophisticated muffler is attached to your FuelBattery by a gas tight adaptor, which is mounted to your FuelBattery upon production in our factory in Hanover, Germany. This adaptors attach two inline silcencers, one on the intake and one on the exhaust part of your FuelBattery. Inside these mufflers - which can be detached for ease of transport - hundreds of tiny metal ribs absorb the sound energy and modify the frequencies to reduce the sound emissions by as much as 50+%.

How Much Time To Charge A Battery?

FuelBattery will charge your 12V batteries just as fast as a standard charger connected to the public grid or a gas generator will. Only very large batteries above 100 Ah may take a bit longer than usual to recharge.

However, FuelBattery is not only much quieter and easier to handle than a gas generator, it is also creating 95% less exhaust.

Note: If you use express battery chargers, which significantly decrease battery life, a standard gas generator might charge your batteries faster than displayed in our chart.

"I use FuelBattery with my standard battery charger. The battery display of our 7.9 m RV gains one of four bars every hour." Tom, FuelBattery customer from Heidelberg.

Is It Loud?

Most existing gas generator manufacturers somehow manage to advertise sound levels of 50 - 60 dB(A) for their generators. They do so by measuring the noise levels in "Eco-mode", with only 25% or even no load at all, with very cold spark plugs and special fuels. Once a gas generator is under normal load, the noise level increases to 70 - 80 dB(A) in 7m distance.

FuelBattery has been tested at 100% full power and, would other manufacturers follow this lead, would be some 10 - 20 dB(A) quieter than most any other generator.

FuelBattery was designed by campers, for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. We defined the standards we think should be met by a generator to be really useful for outdoor use. FuelBattery was designed to be acceptable for both you and your neighbours.