• Quality - Made In Germany
  • World Wide Shipment
  • Unique Technology
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  • Quality - Made In Germany
  • World Wide Shipment
  • Unique Technology
  • PayPal Buyer Protection

FuelBattery - The Gas Generator The Size Of A Powerbank

FuelBattery combines the benefits of a gas fueled generator with the compact size and weight of your average powerbank.
Weighing just 3 kg (6.6 lb) the FuelBattery operates on standard model car nitro fuel from the supermarket or Amazon - quiet and simple.

Charge Your RV, Trailer or Vehicle Anytime
Empty Batteries? A Thing Of The Past!

Welcome Your Mobile Battery Charger
Never Run Out Of Power Again

Power Your Boat Equipment Anywhere
Enough Endurance For The Longest Trips

Charge Your Smartphones, Tablets & More
Unlimited Productivity & Communication

Power For Your Travel Plans
Fridge, Stereo, TV, GPS & More

Recharge Your Drones & Equipment
No More Limited Flight Operations

What is FuelBattery?

FuelBattery is a mini-generator designed for anyone who can’t use a classic gas generator for reasons of weight, size, smell or noise. It’s also perfect for anyone in need of a power source the size and power of a battery, but without the limitation of a lengthy charging process once its capacity is used up.It is NOT designed to replace a classic gas generator.

FuelBattery features a micro engine designed to operate on CO2-neutral bioethanol fuel. A powerful external rotor generator converts its force into usable electricity. FuelBattery provides you with a 12V power jack that is exactly the same size and as powerful as your average car cigarette lighter socket. Power anything from your phone-, tablet- or laptop-chargers to fridges, lights, pumps or whatever equipment you need.

Why FuelBattery?

With FuelBattery you never have to decide between a heavy gas fueled generator and a powerbank with too little capacity again.

Our unique technology provides you with enough power to operate any basic equipment or charge up your batteries. At the same time FuelBattery provides you the endurance to operate for days at a time - without the need for an AC grid to recharge!

Power your Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Stereo, Cooler, GPS, Lights or other mobile equipment wherever you need it: Youtube.

Charge the batteries of your RV, trailer, boat or any other vehicle without the need for an AC wall socket: Youtube. 

All you need is model car nitro fuel which is available world wide. FuelBattery is compact and lightweight at the same time and can be climate-neutrally operated.

Ecofriendly & renewable

FuelBattery has been designed for operation with Tycoon Biofuelor similar bioethanol or nitromethane based fuels. These fuels are used for garden appliances and model cars for decades. They can be found in most home improvement stores or ordered online.

During combustion in FuelBattery these fuels create 95% less exhaust fumes than a conventional gas generator. The fumes main component is steam - making bad smells and headache during generator operation a thing of the past.

Not only is the operation of FuelBattery ecofriendly - the production is also. Production of structural parts and 3D printing is powered by green electricity. Major plastic parts like the case are printed from ecofriendly thermoplastics like Eco-ABS.

FuelBattery Features:

- Compact, lightweight and easy to carry

- Powerful brushless generator for plenty of charging power

- Computer controlled and stabilized 12 V output

- No smelly gasoline fuel or exhaust fumes

- 95% less total exhaust gases than an average gas generators

FuelBattery engineers have developed a patent-pending three chamber silencer in which a custom designed alcohol engine is mounted. Fresh air is pressure ventilated into the system via a large 120 mm fan unit. A load control computer and an automatic DC circuit breaker protect the system against overload and excessive heat. High quality bearings and components guarantee for years of service.