• Quality - Made In Germany
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  • Unique Technology
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  • Quality - Made In Germany
  • World Wide Shipment
  • Unique Technology
  • PayPal Buyer Protection

Finally: Energy - Where You Need It, When You Need It!

Computers, Smartphones, Camping Equipment, RV´s, Drones & eBikes - all of them have a very common problem:
Without a full battery they all are not very useful. That is why we developed FuelBattery.

The FuelBattery

  • Output Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Output Plug: Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Max. Daily Energy Production: ca. 2300 Wh
    Comparable to a powerbank with 500000 mAh 3,7 V
  • Length: 25 cm ( 10 in)
  • Width: 19 cm (7.5 in)
  • Height: 20,5 cm (8 in)
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb)

  • Noise (7 m): ca. 60 dB(A) @ 100% Load
  • Standard Noise (7 m): ca. 49 dB(A) @ 0% Load*
  • Ampere max.: 10 A (1 Min.)
  • Ampere cont.: 8 A
  • Max. Power: 120 W (1 Min.)
  • Fuel Consmp.: ca. 0.5 - 0.7 L/h (0.19 gal/h) @ 100% Load
    ISA (15°C, MSL)
    *Standard measurement for gas generators.

Our Super Silent Update

  • Noise (7 m): ca. 55 dB(A) @ 100% Load
  • Standard Noise (7 m): ca. 45 dB(A) @ 0% Load**
    -> Noise level effectively halved

  • Length fresh air muffler: ca. 0,5 m (20 in)
  • Length exhaust muffler: ca. 0,7 m (28 in)
  • Muffler diameter: 0,18 m (7,1 in)

  • Weight: 0.8 kg (1.8 lb)

*Please order your Super Silent Update together with your FuelBattery. The FuelBattery will then be equipped with the connections for the mufflers.

FuelBattery - Energy Right Where You Need It!

Imagine you could take your car's cigarette lighter jack with you. You could:

  • Charge Your Smartphones, Tablets & Laptop's
  • Operate Fridges, Lights, Television etc.
  • Charge Your Batteries for eBikes, Drones, RV´s etc.

That is exactly what FuelBattery is all about. Your FuelBattery is just as powerful as the DC power supply of the average car. All you need to operate it is model car fuel from the supermarket.

A weight of just 3 kg (6.6 lb) and a fuel consumption of less than a liter per hour make FuelBattery the perfect companion for your future outdoor activities.

Get rid of smelly gas exhaust fumes

A common downside of gas generators is their air pollution. Once operating the distinctive gasoline smell is recognizable even some 50 to 100 m away.

To avoid this FuelBattery has been designed around an ethanol engine that produces only 5% the exhaust volume of a gas engine. While a gas engine pollutes 1 m³ (35 ft³) of fresh air every minute, with FuelBattery this number shrinks to 0,05 m³ (1,8 ft³)!

Even better: FuelBattery can be operated with Ethanol or Methanol from renewable sources - making it the only climate-neutral generator available on the market today!

100% Environmentally Friendly

Your FuelBattery is not powered by gasonline but clean and ecofriendly nitrofuel instead. Nitrofuel is based on renewable bioethanol or methanol.

This fuel is very light (less than 0.8 kg per liter) and at the same time very powerful. Beeing the standard fuel for model cars, planes, helicopters and many garden tools since the 1960's, it´s available anywhere around the world.

Not less important: Your FuelBattery will not need any dangerous or environmentally harmful crude oil products for operation!

Cost-Efficient Operation

Cost effectiveness of different generators can be compared by their cost per operating hour. To calculate the operating cost, all relevant cost -including the purchase price and fuel cost, as well as oil and maintenance- have to be taken into account.

  • <025 Std. = Back-Up, occasional battery charging
  • <100 Std. = Frequent use during vacations
  • >100 Std. = Use as primary energy source

A quality gas generator (e.g. Honda) has a typical life expectancy of 300 hours. After this period a pricey major overhaul has to be performed at the factory (or it's simply replaced). Only FuelCells can operate for thousands of hours without major maintenance and thus achieve cost effective operation in long-term use as well.

Three Years Of Dedicated Work

have been invested into the development of FuelBattery by our engineering team. Their goal was a product with high performance & small dimensions, but also with a low fuel consumption, low noise emission and lightweight design.

They achieved their goal by utilizing latest features like a noise reducing double hull design, manufactured using state of the art industrial 3D-printing technology. A high performance engine is coupled with a custom designed generator and controller. Depicted is one of the first prototypes of early spring 2018.

Energy Is Life. Energy is light, communication and so much more.
We know that. And it is the reason why every FuelBattery and its components are manufactured to the highest standards:

  • Engineered & Made In Germany
  • Manufactured With Industrial 3D-Print Technology
  • Highest Precision for reliable operation
  • Each FuelBattery Is Tested Individually

Choose the technology leader. Choose FuelBattery!